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. president obama said the recession is still keeping its grip on to many families. and taylor swift is sinking anything but the blues. we will have a wrapup of the country music awards. and the latest on the relentless rain. and the latest on the relentless rain. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit... >>> foreclosure filings are down. the foreclosure rate in our area dropped 10% in october. it also fell slightly to 1 385 households. americans are still struggling. >> as the nation's unemployment rate hovered just over 10%, the president called for white house job summit. >> we will gather ceo's and small-business owners, economists, as well as representatives from labor unions to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. >> president obama acknowledged recent growth has not transla
obama plouffe handle the war in afghanistan. we have a preview of that coming up next. >> the finishing touches as on obama's first state dinner are coming together. tonight's dinner is an honor of the indian prime minister, and it will feature a vegetarian menu with produce even coming from the white house garden. among the guests, robin roberts, oprah winfrey, and steven spielberg. >> you do the best you can to make sure you back to get a very comprehensive list that touches every sector of american society. >> in fact, at tonight's dinner is so big it will not fit inside the white house. organizers have constructed a tent on the white house lawn so they can entertain the guests tonight. >> one week tonight we will find out president obama s new war strategy for afghanistan. he will reportedly ordered a third of combat troops, and not as many as requested. >> president obama will address the nation when we come to a night -- president obama will address the nation one week from tonight to discuss the afghanistan trooper measures. >> whatever process there is can actually further the s
will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. the american people insist on it. >> barack obama signed an executive order to close the military center at guantanamo. >> i think the president will find upon reflection that bringing the worst of the worst terrorist inside the united states would be cause for great danger. >> the big surprise is that muhammed will be tried in a civilian court and not subject to a military tribunal. >> this is a prosecutorial decision as well as a national security decision. >> the attorney general says 5 detainee's will be tried in federal court. >> these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> the government is expected to >> the president's deadline to shut down the detention center by january will almost certainly not be met. >>> our other big story on this friday is that powerful nor'easter pounding the east coast. it broke a barge freight from its power in virginia beach. how that barge is carrying hazardous materials. the coast guard says there is little risk to the public. >>> and st. mary's county, coastal flooding forc
americans, he says. authorities charged hasan with a mass shooting that killed 13 people. president obama goes to china today. he held a town hall style meeting with university students in shanghai already spoke about china's internet censorship. >> unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. i think it should be encouraged. >> china has 250 million internet users. it employs some of the world's tightest controls over what they see. president obama meets with chinese president today and tomorrow. trade and economic issues expected to dominate the conversation. gm announced today it has lost a billion dollars since emerging from bankruptcy, but that is less than feared. it is ready to start repaying taxpayers pour the big bailout, it says. now the latest on its road to recovery. >> months after a $50 billion federal bailout, general motors announced it has lost $1.2 billion since it left bankruptcy protection in july through september 30. it was much better than expected. monday fritz henderson said it was a sign of progress but he vowed to do better. >> we cannot be satisfied. >
explains. >> one year after voters for president -- put president obama and the white house many republicans are fired up, saying 2009 is their year. >> they can win and battleground virginia, new jersey, new york, they will be enabled different place. >> republicans are counting on a voter backlash. republican bob macdonald is favored to win by a comfortable margin in virginia. in new jersey, governor corzine is down to the wire with his conservative opponent despite strong support from the president. some say the outcome is a vote on obama's political agenda. >> on wednesday there will be people on either side -- particularly if the democrats lose all three of those races. >> the third race, in new york's 23rd district has taken some bizarre turns. it starts out with a conservative running against the republican candidate. then the republicans scozzafava pulls out and endorsers war -- her democratic rival. democrats say the move to expose as a split in the democratic party while many conservatives are claiming victory. >> the big story is just that conservatives won. they ouste
momentum that president barack obama google -- duplicated one year ago. >to make that duplication, creih deeds will need northern virginia. after he finishes crisscrossing the rest of the state, he will finish right here in alexandria with a rally on market square in old town. >>> the latest survey shows that creigh deeds has to make quite a push to close this 18 point lead that bob mcdonnell has. all the republican candidates are leading in the statewide races. there is another tight race for governor in new jersey. yesterday, president barack obama hit the campaign trail again for democrat john corzine who is facing a tough battle for reelection against the republican chris christie. it could be a political embarrassment for the white house >>> hamid karzai is being congratulated on his re- election. that is only because the presidential runoff was canceled after his chief opponent suddenly dropped out. >> several weeks and more than $100 million later, afghanistan 's presidential election ended with the head of the election commission canceled the saturday run off and declared hamid k
. president obama just wrapped up his remarks there at arlington cemetery. matt brock has more on the tribute. >> president obama and the first lady hosted veterans for a white house breakfast this morning. then, they made their way here to the tomb of the unknown soldier or there was a wreath laying ceremony. >> to our veterans, the fallen, and to their families, there is an attribute, and the commemoration, and the praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice. >> there will be more upbeat celebrations all over the country today. parade to honor those who served and those who had served. >> i did not expect the crowd, but it it gets you in the heart. >> wonderful. >> one community in our region is suffering this veterans day. union bridge in maryland is mourning the loss of one of it on. sergeant charles cartwright was a decorated marine who was twice awarded the purple heart. cartwright was just 26 years old and newly married. he was killed in afghanistan saturday. >> it just makes you appreciate what you have. >> on this veterans day, it makes the notion of
the obama administration and manufacturers are over the production and distribution. >> the good news is, the vaccine is an excellent match with the virus that is circulating. >> the virus has infected 22 million americans, nearly 4000 are dead from the swine flu. the department of health and human services is now or assuring congress that eventually there will be an up vaccine for everyone by year's end. >> we are out here to make sure there is somebody to administer this. >> a recent harvard school of public health poll showed that 91% of americans who cannot get the vaccine will go back to get that new version. at the university of maryland, their health department will hold a vaccination. clinic. >>> montgomery county leaders proposed tolls for the intercounty connector are too expensive. the county council said that too few drivers would use it if the rate was too high. the council plans that frequent users should get a discount. right now, it could cost upwards of 35 cents per mile. >>> american made cars are dominating the safety list. among the winners -- general motors and honda
obama addressed the tragedy. >> i have ordered the flag at the white house and other federal buildings to be flown at half staff. this is a modest tribute to those who have lost their lives even as many were preparing to risk their lives for their country. >> our live coverage continues at fort hood, texas. >> president obama is calling for americans not to rush to judgment. with each passing hour, a portrait of a planned methodical massacre is emerging. at least 13 people were killed and 30 were injured at fort hood. >> it was very deliberate. many said that he was calm. witnesses say he unloaded a barrage of bullets. this sergeant held to the captain injured in the shooting. >> hwas sitting down. he just stood up out of nowhere. >> the current reportedly came to an end after the sergeant confronted and. the police officer shot him in a face-to-face encounter, suffering gunshot wounds of her on. >> this could have been far worse. >> investigators are working on a motive. an army pchiatrist, he had complained of canceled after 911 from fellow soldiers. he wrote block post recently comp
on for some time. the american people, president obama had asked us for health insurance reform. >> the first test will come by the end of the week. a key vote will acquire 60 senators to vote yes. >>> the health and human services secretary says women should keep getting regular mammograms, but new guidelines that suggest otherwise are causing a lot of confusion and anger. hospitals say it some women are canceling their appointments. according robinson picks up this debate. >> there are three ways to do a breast exam operation. >> what age to get a mammogram? there are confusions after the new guidelines say to wait until age 50. >> it is ridiculous. >> this woman fills the result of a funded task force will leave many to wait until a is too late. some doctors say the panel based their results on insurance and politics. >> it is the beginning of rationing care. >> for years women have been told early detection is key. the survival rate is 90% if breast cancer is detected early. -- the survival rate is 98%. they even say the same is true for self exams, all this based on research done over th
president barack obama and first lady michelle are celebrating their first thanksgiving at the white house today with a big family dinner and a holiday message this morning. the president recognized the economic struggles facing americans. yesterday, the first family continued their tradition of giving food to the needy. they passed out turkey, stuffing, pies at a food pantry in northwest d.c.. >>> policies and can be difficult for many -- the holidays can be difficult for many families. >> >> no boundaries. if you need help and you need a meal and you to share with friends d family, bring them up and share it with us. >> members of the arlington knights of columbus say it is a growing need and they are willing to feed any and all. >> they are so appreciative of what we are doing for them. it makes you feel good to help somebody out. >> starting wednesday afternoon and continuing at 4:00 this morning, men and women prepared beat 20th annual holiday feast. stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course the most important part, the bird. >> this is over 2,000 pounds of turkey. >> local pari
touches of what will be a very busy week for president obama. he will be watching a the senate begins debate today on its version of a reform bill. no republicans are expected to support it. tomorrow the president will announce his afghanistan war strategy at west point. a surge is expected to add about 30,000 troops to fight. mr. obama will host a jobs summit this week and prepare for next week's trip to the climate summit in copenhagen. the white house today will announce it will crack down on mortgage companies that fail to do enough to help families avoid foreclosure. the treasury department says it may find lenders who don't make permanent loan modifications -- -- may fine lenders. if you want to buy your true love the giv -- the gifts listd in "to 12 days of christmas" you can expect to spend over $80,000. gold is at record highs. the most expensive item in the song is the nine ladies dancing. $5,400 is the cause of that. >> i want to know where they're getting the nine ladies. >> and what about the maids a milking? let's talk about the weather. not anything like yesterday. >>
will be remembered today at a solemn memorial service on the army base. president and mrs. obama will be there for the ceremony and to meet with those wounded in that attack. we have the latest. >> the fort hood parade grounds is the site for the memorial as thousands gathered to pay their respects to 13 killed in what some call an act of terrorism, others call a much more simple act of violence. >> i think the question we're asking now, is this an individual who is acting in this way, or is it some larger set of actors? what are the motivations? what led to the attack, and were their red flags to signal that the alleged gunman, nidal hassan, could be planning an assault? one victim was shot in her head and hip. >> i am glad that they will still be able to question him. >> the shootings only stopped when hassan himself was shot. he has since been hospitalized and is conscious and talking. but not to investigators, and the advice of his attorney. investigators likely want to ask him about his presentation for army doctors a year-and-a-half ago for army doctors at walter reed where
. >>> president obama hosted the indian prime minister last night as he posted his first state dinner. it was an event mixing business with pleasure. he prepares to send 30,000 additional troops to afghanistan. it planso announce the escalation in an address tueay night from the west point military academy. >> it is tricky because he will make this argument that we need to send more troops now with a new strategy in order to get out quicker. >> the latest washington post poll reveals the public is turning against the president's handling of the war. 40% expressed disapproval and, while 45% approve. -- 48% expressed disapproval. >>> of turkey received a presidential pardon this morning. his daughters were also on hand for the ceremony. the turkey will live the rest of his life at disney's the frontier land. >>> some virginian victims are giving thanks to local college students. volunteers handed out free thanksgiving meals to those who lost everything after strong storms fled their homes twice in the past few months. -- after strong storms flooded their homes. >> it could have happened
the fallen. >> we just gets stronger, become better united. >> president obama and the first lady will honor the fallen -- the fallen tomorrow at a memorial on the base. >> we have learned today that major is in stable condition -- that major hassan is in stable condition, but there is no word whether he will cooperate with officials. there's now a question about a mosque he attended at the same time as the 9/11 hijackers. abc news says that the imam is now in yemen and is one of the suspected al qaeda links hasan had contact with. three americans detained in iran are facing charges of espionage. authorities arrested the three hikers in july after they strayed across the border from iraq. the families say they were on our -- on a vacation and that they crossed the border accidentally. an opinion on their case will come soon. a new oversight report is not only raising questions about metro's safety, but concerns about the funding because of claims of independent monitors who were barred from walking the track to ensure safety. >> my initial reaction is, confusion. >> the report calls for noth
to elect their own dna. norton recently recommended a candidate for u.s. attorney to president obama. the u.s. attorney's office hand handles both federal and local crimes. >>> all montgomery county hospitals are adopting a new visitation policy to stop the spread of swine flu. children under 12 on low longer be allowed. the county is also taking steps to give its limited vaccine supplied to those who need it most. cathy parker has the details. >> here is the site we are not used to seeing at an age 1 in one vaccination clinic. no lines. >> if you did not cullis monday afternoon, you will not be able to get a vaccine -- if he did not call us monday afternoon. it is not open just to anyone. they're offering injectable vaccine only to pregnant women, a group that still remains a high priority. >> we had a very targeted group, appointments would be easiest. it that way we could stagger the people who came. >> with 250 women scheduled to receive shot, the plan is to vaccinate 50 an hour. this woman prefers this new procedure. >> i drove past the clinic that they had in rockville and i decided t
anniversary of the a program called obama's camp broadcast leadership training" where they help women and minorities to run and on television and radio stations. they have had so many success stories. i appreciate them wanted to be a part of it. >> -- allowing me to be a part. >> i was appalled the combined federal campaign raising money for different charities. this time for the first time they did a talent competition. we got to be judges. i took the role of randy jackson. i got the malls and responses from commentary. maybe i can get my job back at the comedy club. there are a lot of good tax. these people are pretty impressive. they're bringing the house down. maybe they're laughing at me and not with me. all kinds of groups. had fun. >> that looksike a great time. but let's get to the weather. let's look outside. here is that little disturbance. i don't mean the disturbance sitting next to doucette. on talking to a disturbance off to the north that is bringing a few sprinkles mainly in the northern suburbs, toward frederick county and howard. behind it, cooler air will filter int
employees. >> aarp supports what we did last night because it protects. >> the obama administration is stepping up its efforts. they're hoping to ultimately win the support of olympia snowe of maine and otrs. >> it started with an e-mail from a breast cancer survivor. many are joining her, forcing their opposition to the scaled- back mammogram guidelines i. courtney robinson has there all day protest. >> kimberly is fighting breast cancer. her doctor diagnosed it roughly the same day the new guidelines came out, telling women to wait until age 50 and then every other year for a mammogram. but i could not have waited a year. i would not be here to raise my children. >> at age 42, is not alone. susan is 40. peggy is 42. they are breast cancer survivors. they say the mammograms and self exams saved their lives. >> if this is a gianstep back. it's very frightening for the women considering having a mammogram. >> a task force funded by the federal government, basing recommendations on mortality rates, false negatives, anxiety, . >> it did not work to routinely do that. >> for women it is
. in another poll, 57% favor a plan to tax the rich to pay for the uninsured. >>> president obama and chinese president are vowing to work together on major issues facing both nations. the two leaders met today in beijing, agreeing to cooperate on clite change and nuclear disarmament. the chinese president did a voice concerns on u.s. levies on some chinese imports. >>> sarah palin's new embargoes on sale today. we are already hearing some scandalous details on what is inside the book. >> shortly after doors open at this barnes and noble in bethesda, sarah palin said new book "going rogue" was already going fast. it is curiosity that has many people wanting to buy the book, whether they like her or not. >> i was for the other team. >> many people watched pailin's interview on "oprah" yesterday. even though its hit shorts -- store shelves today, it is already number one on the best- seller list. >> you have someone that is controversial. they will stay at no. 1 long. >> clips released, sarah palin did candid with barbara walters about her personal life and politics. >> do you ever want to be p
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